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27 August 2006 @ 12:24 am

Its not blury, i just usually look like this

everyone go listen to euphoric haze, they were sweet and their lead singer collects pez and talks with brian and i about vintage porn :).

the ringmaster at the pirate circus, circus twirkus

aggro or die. fuck yes.

you'll see this guy later on in the pictures, but with flaming swords.

yes, thats fire.

brian shakin his booty. get it. like a pirate.

the trophy brian won for shaking his booty. its now a micstand for the fuck puppies.
those are swords. those are on fire.

the coolest fucking picture ever




all photos by brian bleach.

well between fireworks being thrown into the audience, c-horror movies spilced with vintage incest porn being played at the bar, the kickass bands....and...errr...fight like sinatra....the night kicked ass!


everyone is going back next year.
music:: aggro or die